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Minding Our Money

Tough economic times require discipline and resourcefulness by the City

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Balancing limited financial resources and heavy demands for public services will be daunting


A mayor must possess the collaborative experience and leadership to guide the City in a difficult economy, including through the expanded use of public-private partnerships

Why Mufi?

>> As mayor, brought the City through the economic recession of 2008–2009 through sound fiscal management, including salary reductions, furloughs that were negotiated, and cuts in expenses; accomplished all this without reducing essential City services or raising property taxes


>> Helped form the Hawaii Council of Mayors as unified voice on county issues and identified areas for cooperation and exchange; pledge to restart the group if elected to be mayor again


>> Earmarked money to restart adding to City’s rainy day fund and was one of first local government jurisdictions to budget for long-term retiree health benefit obligations


>> Earned bond rating upgrades for City as a result of prudent financial management and policies


>> As mayor, formed public-private partnerships to preserve farmworker housing in Kunia … build public park at Ocean Pointe in Ewa Beach … acquire land in Kapolei for public purposes … exchange land for affordable rental housing


>> As mayor, secured lower property tax rate for agricultural land and endorsed higher homeowner tax exemption


>> As Hawai‘I Lodging & Tourism Association head, negotiated $1 million in public funds from Legislature, matched by hospitality industry, for homelessness service providers



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