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Health & Safety First

A sensible plan for public health and safety

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>> Continue to collaborate with the state and county governments, business, and the healthcare sector to remain vigilant in fighting the COVID pandemic by enforcing public health protocols and preparing for a potential second wave of outbreaks.


>> Ensure that first-responders— police, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, water safety officers, and emergency managers—have the staffing and resources to ensure their personal safety so that they can ensure the public’s safety. 


>> Intensify community policing and neighborhood security watch activities to increase police presence and foster stronger relationships between neighborhood residents and officers.


>> Step up drug enforcement efforts in collaboration with federal and state agencies involved in anti-drug initiatives.


>> For natural or man-made disasters, pandemics, or other crises, coordinate the emergency response of state and county agencies so resources are best utilized and government speaks with one voice, not many.


>> Expand on the privately led Visitor Public Safety Conferences to commit City agencies to protecting our guests during their visits to our islands.


Crime and post-pandemic anxiety have residents fearing for their health and safety


Hawaii’s beauty and culture are the foundations of our quality of life, economy, and future, and we must ensure their preservation

Mufi Will

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