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Minding Our Money

Tough economic times require discipline and resourcefulness by the City

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Balancing limited financial resources and heavy demands for public services will be daunting


A mayor must possess the collaborative experience and leadership to guide the City in a difficult economy, including through the expanded use of public-private partnerships.

Why Mufi?

>> With both state and county tax revenues expected to decline severely, use the opportunity to carefully scrutinize City services, as he did during his first term with the Mayor’s Review, work with the state government on consolidating duplicative services, and join with his fellow mayors on streamlining functions.


>> Apply his mantra of “need to have” versus “nice to have” for City services and capital projects because fiscal responsibility has always been his guiding principle.


>> Promote the creation of public-private partnerships whenever and wherever practicable for public purposes or to purchase land for conservation, as he did with numerous City programs and the hui that purchased Waimea Valley to stop its development. 


>> Continue work with the governor to assemble an adequately funded coalition of public and private partners, drawn from appropriate government agencies in the county and state governments, nonprofit entities, healthcare centers, faith-based organizations, and interested businesses and civic groups, to have an expanded, comprehensive, coordinated approach to helping the homeless.


>> Seek and invest in inexpensive, bestin-class, cloud-based technologies to bring City services into the 21st Century.


>> Adopt innovative technologies to enable City workers to serve the public more effectively; assess the potential of City services being offered remotely to ensure employees work in secure, productive environments; and evaluate the advantages of a shorter work week and variations on flexible hours for City workers, in consultation with public employee labor unions and provided City services are not compromised.



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