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Keep Honolulu Clean and Sustainable

Protect our fragile natural resources


While rebuilding Hawaii’s economy, we must also nurture and protect the environment


Hawaii’s beauty and culture are the foundations of our quality of life, economy, and future, and we must ensure their preservation

Mufi Will

>> Establish and impose impact fees for heavily used cultural and scenic attractions, as he did with Hanauma Bay as a council member, with the money going exclusively to the upkeep of those sites, public education, and other conservation measures. 


>> Increase the City’s usage of renewable energy in its vehicle fleet and public transportation.


>> Expand the electric-vehicle charging system in City facilities and charge motorists for usage.


>> Have energy service companies finance and install energy-savings technologies in City facilities.


>> Accelerate energy-saving methods, such as LEDs in office lighting, streetlights, and floodlights, to reduce electricity costs. 


>> Establish more collaborations with the state government and business community to address such specific concerns as beach or shoreline erosion.


>> Conduct a risk assessment of City properties with the potential to be affected by climate change, with an emphasis on critical utility infrastructure, such as water mains, sewer lines, and other utilities in near-shore areas.


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