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Keep Honolulu Clean and Sustainable

Protect our fragile natural resources


While rebuilding Hawaii’s economy, we must also nurture and protect the environment


Hawaii’s beauty and culture are the foundations of our quality of life, economy, and future, and we must ensure their preservation

Why Mufi?

  • Invested billions of dollars in sewer network and wastewater treatment facilities; resolved the City’s decades-long consent decree with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • Saved Waimea Valley from development in collaboration with public and private entities; similar effort was used to buy Pupukea-Paumalu and Sunset Ranch for conservation

  • Transferred Kawainui Marsh, a pristine wetland, to State, with the City agreeing to help with maintenance

  • Launched the third boiler expansion of H-POWER waste-to-energy powerplant

  •  Successfully rolled out no-call, island-wide curbside pickup of mixed recyclables and greenwaste

  •  On City Council, blocked the overuse of Hanauma Bay and established special fund used exclusively for park’s preservation and maintenance

  •  His 21st Century Ahupua`a program set forth near-term goals for energy and resource conservation and sustainability in City government; adopted the Manu O Ku as official City bird



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