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  • Jared Ellis

Honolulu’s Next Mayor Will Face Major Obstacles On Rail

Hannemann, as mayor, was able to finally get the rail transit project funded and approved — a feat that Honolulu city leaders had tried and failed to do for decades.

Last year, however, the state auditor blamed his administration for the project’s initial cost overruns when the first major construction contract went out prematurely.

Hannemann insists the city followed the process correctly.

Hannemann resigned from office early in 2010 to run for governor. About four years later, rail’s costs started to climb over budget. Recently, he’s bluntly criticized his former managing director — Caldwell — for how he’s handled the project.

“I have been disappointed with Kirk’s leadership on rail,” Hannemann, who’s now the CEO of the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association, said in a recent interview. “It’s no secret — I’ve said it to people around him.”

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