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  • Jared Ellis

Hotels, attractions face uncertain future following tourism reopening delay

However, Mufi Hannemann, Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association president and CEO, said there can’t be any more waffling on the reopening date if Hawaii tourism is to stand a chance at recovery.

“We had a visitor industry management stakeholders meeting today and everyone was very clear that we must not go beyond the Sept. 1 date,” Hannemann said. “If we do, it will be very damaging to our economy and will lead to other problems like domestic strife from people not working and wondering where their next paycheck is coming from.”

Hannemann said the industry has adopted new safety standards and protocols that have been vetted by the state Department of Health as well as the county mayors.

“We want to make it very clear that we are ready,” Hannemann said. “If there are more logistics and details to work out that should be done sooner than later and we want a seat at the table.”

To read the entire July 15, 2020 article, please click here.

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