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  • Jared Ellis

Mufi Hannemann: He Was Mayor Once Before. Will That Help Or Hurt With Voters?

“If these were normal times, if these were good times, I’d say take a chance on someone with fresh, new ideas,” he said. “But these are some of the darkest times we’ve faced in the history of our islands, and it requires someone who doesn’t need on-the-job training.” 

Hannemann’s advocacy for the tourism industry may appeal to the thousands of hotel and service workers who want to get back to work. One of his campaign slogans is: “If you put me back in my old job, my mission is to put you back at yours.” 

Jeffrey Merz, an urban planner on the Waikiki Neighborhood Board, said he believes Hannemann will strike the right balance between rebuilding the visitor industry while also addressing the overtourism that residents have complained about for years. 

“I think he’ll be creative and form the coalitions needed – both economic and cultural – to get us back on board, but different than we were before,” Merz said. 

Please click here to read the entire July 8, 2020 article.

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