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  • Jared Ellis

Officials say marketing Hawaii to tourists will probably be different

Now that Governor David Ige is re-opening Hawaii to tourism under certain conditions, how are companies going to entice people to travel to Hawaii again? The Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association President Mufi Hannemann tells us the economic road to recovery will be very long and painful, and we won’t be seeing visitor numbers like we used to any time soon. Hannemann tells us it will be up to individual hotels in terms of how much money they actually have to spend on marketing.

“But the overarching objective is to market it in a way that people know it’s a new normal here. This is a place now that really wants to re-brand itself as a very safe and healthy destination. So if you are going to come here, we want you to come here being healthy,” he said.

Please click here to read the entire June 25, 2020 article.

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