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  • Jared Ellis

Series: Reopening Tourism: Residents, Visitors Must Trust They’ll Stay Virus-Free - Part II

Mufi Hannemann agrees. “The folks coming now are not the kind of visitor we want to see come back here,” the president and CEO of the Hawai'i Lodging and Tourism Association said in an interview in May. He was describing visitors who chose to come to the Islands during the state’s 14-day quarantine for arriving visitors – some of whom seemed to mock the quarantine as well as Gov. David Ige’s request that they stay home.

 “They don’t fit the profile. I want someone who is going to come and enjoy the appeal and the quality of Hawai'i, who will respect our culture and people. It’s all about quality tourism not quantity.”

Please click here to read the June 2, 2020 article.

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