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A sensible plan for public health and safety

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  • As mayor, Honolulu became ranked by FBI as one of he safest big cities in the nation.  Police and fire departments earned national accreditation

  • Established Department of Emergency Management and overhauled obsolete emergency operations plan

  • Planned for joint traffic management and emergency operations center, which is now in functioning at Alapa`i

  • Constructed new indoor firing range and expanded police crime laboratory

  • Established E911 to pinpoint location of emergency calls from mobile phones

  • Repaired county’s network of emergency telecommunications towers

  • Expanded ambulance facilities; bolstered police and fire fleet

  • Repaired or renovated dozens of fire stations; replaced lifeguard towers island-wide

  • Convened Visitor Public Safety Conferences, as head of the Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association, to address crimes against visitors, as well as drug and homeless concerns


Crime and post-pandemic anxiety have residents fearing for their health and safety


Our resurgence can’t happen without knowing that we’re safe and secure.  It’s a fundamental right and our top priority.

Why Mufi?

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